Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why aren't there better arguments?

In response to my latest post, a comment was "Get over yourself." That's it, end of comment. Thanks so much for that, it added a whole lot to the debate, and I stand in awe of your superior arguments and reasoning ability. The commenter's argument is known as a simple "ad hominem" attack, an attack on the person, not the argument, so no points. You go home with... well, nothing.

Why didn't God equip his followers with better arguments? Overlooking the facts that the Bible says very little of relevance to modern society. Overlooking that if the Bible truly was the incontrovertible Word of God, the authority of the author should be apparent to all - the amazing insights, the stunning grasp of the laws of the universe. Leaving aside any of that.

Why aren't the theists' arguments BETTER than they are?

I haven't yet encountered an argument for the existence of any God - be you Christin, Muslim, Hindu, or anything else - that goes beyond "This book tells me so, and I am suspending all rational thought because I want to believe that book." Yeah, well, colour me unimpressed. There are countless books that have been written, and although I happen to find the Lord of the Rings personally appealing on some levels, I don't mistake it for Holy Writ.

Any book that you need a person who has devoted their entire life to interpretation of it - let alone bad interpretation - is clearly a badly written piece of work. If it was truly the Word, the Truth of it should be as clear as the light of day. Instead, we got the crap that my previous post touched upon. The Christian's response to that: "Get over yourself."

Thanks for your time. Go away until you find a better argument than the ad hominem attack.

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