Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh, you THINK?

Gen X finds itself the ham in the sandwich
[Snip a lot of self-indulgent blather]

"Yes, I have always felt very sorry for generation X," laughs Salt.

"You've got to say the baby boomers have had it easy economically - cheap property prices by any measure and free tertiary education.

"Gen X on the other hand were faced with $20,000 HECS debts and then, when they tried to get into the property market in the 1990s the baby boomers had hiked prices up to a level where it was almost impossible to get across the line.

"And when they finally take the plunge to have kids and drop back to a single income, they're faced with this period of economic uncertainty," he said.

"It's no wonder they feel very put upon. They're the ones doing all the work, paying all the tax, copping it left right and centre," he said.

Thank you, Captain Obvious. I'd cry, cry for the future, but I wouldn't get anything done.

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