Sunday, February 1, 2009

Catholic Church loves anti-Semitic Holocaust deniers

Pope Benedict XVI once again displays that he's hardly joined the 20th century, let alone the 21st, and re-admits a Holocaust denier, as a Bishop no less, to the Roman Catholic Church.

Bishop Richard Williamson gave this interview on Swedish television just days before the Vatican's announcement that they would rescind their ban on him.

It's noteworthy that Williamson wasn't banned in the first place because of his profoundly distasteful, insulting, dishonest views, but because he was ordained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Lefebvre was out of favour with the Vatican because he thought the Second Vatican Council was too liberal. To quote Wikipedia: "Lefebvre responded with a letter claiming that the modernisation of the Church was a "compromise with the ideas of modern man" originating in a secret agreement between high dignitaries in the Church and senior Freemasons". Ah yes, it's always the Masons behind every worldwide conspiracy, that's well known, and doesn't make you a class-A kook at all.

(As a nice piece of irony, Freemasons were also persecuted by Nazi Germany, with upwards of 80,000 masons being killed by the Nazis.)

Lefebvre had founded the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) and it is this order to which Bishop Williamson belongs. The SSPX website tells us that "Jews are cursed with the "blindness to the things of G-d and eternity." As a people, they stand "in entire opposition with the Catholic Church." "Christendom and Jewry are designed inevitably to meet everywhere without reconciliation or mixing." Jews "should neither be eliminated from among us, nor given equality of rights."

And the Pope's reaction to the shitstorm caused by his readmittance of Williamson to the Catholic Church? "We love Jews! Y R U so ANGWY?? Be kewl! Kthxbye!" Yeah, I'm convinced. Actions speak louder than words, Ratzinger.

Did you know Ratzinger was a member of Hitler Youth and fought as a soldier for the Nazis?

Orac at Respectful Insolence does a lovely job of taking this issue apart bit by noisome, rancid bit.

This is, of course, on top of Ratzinger's recent condemnation of homosexuality and transsexuality, saying that the world "needed saving" from these DANGEROUS ideas and that it was just as important as saving the rainforest.

Joseph Ratzinger: anti-Semite, anti-gay, stuck in the fifteenth century, yet the moral and spiritual guide for 1.131 billion people worldwide. I'm so thrilled for us all.

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