Sunday, February 8, 2009

Throw your arms around me

A gem I found browsing YouTube - Neil Finn does an acoustic solo version of the classic "Throw Your Arms Around Me".

Also, Powderfinger's "These Days". This song, and the album "Odyssey Number Five" holds immense personal significance for me. When my father was dying in 2003, I couldn't stop listening to it. Every song seemed like it had been written for me. This song in particular would reduce me to tears, and it still does, every time. Dad died a couple of days after the Canberra 2003 bushfires, and this song was echoing in my head as I drove down to Canberra to try to support my Mum as she thought she was going to lose her house and husband in the same day. I'm dedicating this one to the poor bastards who died yesterday in the Victorian bushfires.

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